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Happy New Year 2023

End 2022 with a Blast in Manchester!

We hope you have an amazing end to year 2022 & wish you a Very Happy New Year from Team Travl XL End 2022 with a Blast in Manchester! Get yourself to Escape to freight Island They’ll be hosting an exclusive Grey Goose Apres Bar, The Jane Eyre Cocktail Bar,…
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Merry Christmas from Travl XL

We wish you a Merry Christmas from Team Travl XL

Finally its the day you work up to every year, the most awaited date worldwide; one of the biggest celebrated days – its Christmas! Have you been on your best behaviour for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve your long awaited presents? or is that just a fairy tale. Either…
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Manchester’s Festive Season

Get involved in the festive season in Manchester

Manchester thrives throughout the Christmas period, there is plenty of activities and events scatteredthrough out the city. People travel from all parts world to be a part of Manchester’s festive spirit. It isknown and recognised to be among the highly rated festive city in the world. Ensure you book youraccommodation…
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Why book an Airport Transfer?

Airport Transfers make your travel experience so much easier, relieving you from the exhausting worries on planning how to get to the airport, monitoring the timings of the flights etc. Airport Transfer? What is it? Airport Transfer is a service where you get transport to travel to or from the…
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Festive season in Liverpool

Get involved in festive season in Liverpool

Christmas in Liverpool can make many memories to cherish, Liverpool is a city with plenty to see anddo off season. Liverpool is a beautiful coastal city, with beaches, coasts and grand architecturalbuildings like in movies! Liverpool is lit up across the city awaiting its visitors to come be a part…
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