Simple Tips to Stop Your Luggage Getting Lost

Airport Transfers Luggage waiting

Maybe it isn’t your day today, something is about to or has gone wrong. When travelling the biggest frustration is to loose your luggage, stood waiting at the airport baggage claim belt. It is empty but your item is no where to be seen – it is officially Lost!

There is no robust way to ensure you don’t loose your luggage but there are preventative methods to reduce the risk. 

Arrive on time and check your bags in early 

Travellers who arrive late, thinking it’s last on and first off basis for the luggage which is a myth. It’s pot-luck in the timings for getting your luggage. This can lead to your luggage not getting on the plane, don’t risk it. There are many check in options available to ensure is a hassle free price – book your airport transfer in advance and get the important advice relevant to you your journey.

Check the Airport code

Human-error can happen anywhere, check the airport code on the label stuck by the agent on your luggage upon checkin. When you arrive to check in, ask the assistant to check the destination airport code. Don’t take cases with a history of existing holiday tags, it can get confusing when it’s being sorted for the planes.

Make your luggage unique

Make it easier for yourself and the airline workers – make your luggage stand out. You may want bright colour cases, coloured belts or patterned luggage covers. Luggage that stands out will less likely get lost, misplaced or stolen. The luggage belt/straps will keep them in shape strapped up and less likely to split or damage when getting thrown in and out of the plane. Luggage covers will not only make your luggage unique but also prevent it getting damaged – scratched, piercings or even splitting open. 

Use Direct Flights 

Luggage has to be transferred from planes when your travelling using connection flights. If you keep that to minimal then there is less of a chance for your luggage to get lost, misplaced or redirected to the other side of the world. Book direct, keep it simple. 

Get GPS tagging 

Move with the era and use a Tile to track your luggage. A Tile has a GPS tag connected to a mobile app. You can check where your bags are, even if they get misplaced. This can help you and the airline track the lost luggage all thanks to this smart device. 

On the House

Take pictures of your luggage, both inside and out. This will be very helpful incase you loose your luggage. It will be a perfect reference for the airline to use to trace your luggage.