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City Trips

Nights out

Travl XL have you covered, be safe, don’t drink and drive - book Travl XL


We transport you to anywhere of your choice, no need to plan interlinking buses and trains to get to a destination of your choice

Freedom of flexibility

Schedule your pickup whenever you want, and leave transport timetables in the rear-view mirror.

Door-to-door travel

Rest easy with door-to-door pickup and dropoff — no change of transportation needed

Your safe passage

Travel confidently knowing your safety is our #1 priority. Rigorous health and cleaning standards round out a best-in-class service.

Maximise your time and comfort

Travl XL City Trips provide ease and comfort in long-distance travel. You’ll save time by skipping the airports, train stations and buses, and can instead use the travel time how you’d like — private phone calls, last-minute presentation prep, or even catching up on sleep. Our drivers are bound by discretion and give you the space and privacy you need to deliver your best.

Night out - loosen up

If you have a night out planned and need that comfort and reliability, Travl XL is here to provide the solution for any city trip you want to plan – maybe it’s a meal out, night out or just a shopping spree. We cater to all from 1 – 8 passengers, don’t endure it’s a group outing or family outing we cover it all.

Stress-free solution

Booking our city trip service as alternative transport, beat the crowds at bus stations and train stations, stay safe on your long-distance journey. Instead of enduring long lines and multiple interactions before you even hit the road, you just enjoy the comfort of a private transfer in a top-of-the-line vehicle.

Cost certainty and flexibility

Rates are guaranteed in advance, and our fixed pricing between your pickup and drop-off means no hidden costs. Anticipate a stop or two along the way? Travl XL have you covered. For small groups and families, our MPV range means additional space without sacrificing comfort or style.


Are you planning a trip to the city for a shopping spree or night out? Why not get a head start by booking your journey to the city now? Remember to book the return journey at the same time – That’s one less thing to worry about.
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City Trips

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