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Terms & Conditions

1.0 Standard terms of service

We are Travl XL Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (registration number: 13688612) whose registered address is located at 99 Beaufort street, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 0RE.

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Travl XL Limited’s Website, located at https://www.travlxl.co.uk.

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Travl XL if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

The following terminologies apply to the terms and conditions:
* “client”, “customer”, “passenger”, “you” and “your” refers to you, the person who logs on this website and compliant to the company’s terms and conditions.
* “Travl XL”, “the company”, “ourselves”, “we”, “our” and “us”, refers to us, our company Travl XL Limited.
* “party”, “parties”, or “us”, refers to both the client and Travl XL Limited.
All terms refer to the offer, acceptance and consideration of payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the client in the most appropriate manner for the express purpose of meeting the client’s needs in respect of provision of the company’s stated transport services, in accordance with and subject to, prevailing laws of United Kingdom.

2.0 License

Unless otherwise stated, Travl XL Limited own the intellectual property rights for all material on Travl XL. All intellectual property rights are reserved. You may access this from Travl XL for your own personal use subjected to restrictions set in these terms and conditions.
You must not:
* Republish material from Travl XL
* Sell, rent or sub-license material from Travl XL
* Reproduce, duplicate or copy material from Travl XL
* Redistribute content from Travl XL

Travl XL reserves the right to make changes to the policy at any time without giving any notice.
This Agreement shall begin on the date updated and published 12 November 2022

3.0 General

Travl XL Limited is the service provider to the customer who accept and agree the offer of transport service from Travl XL. The passenger is the person travelling or the lead booking name on a group booking. The customer uses the online booking form to view and book transport services. The booking form outlines the details of the booking enabling the customer to request the booking and receiving a booking confirmation via email.

Travl XL provides bespoke transport as a service for its passengers according to the user requirements, it may be a single A to B journey, return journey on the same day/another day or driven by the hour. We provide travel services for our users ranging from different vehicles to additional extras which can be added to the journey.

These terms and conditions are an agreement between the users and Travl XL, and it’s arrangement of travel service provided by Travl XL. They also describe in detail the travel services which are offered by Travl XL. Our staff are trained upon the rules and regulations of this terms and conditions policy, they are competent to interpret the policy to the customer.

Only if the management of Travl XL has agreed in writing, this will not apply, any derivations from the terms and conditions whether it’s letters of confirmation or unreserved services.

4.0 Contractual relationship

Travl XL provides the travel services presented by the online web transport booking platform. Travl XL arranges for the user simply an entitlement to carriage and provides the transport service for the customer.

4.1 Conclusion

By submitting a completed booking form via the online transport booking platform or by telephone to Travl XL, the user makes an offer to complete a transport service agreement. The object of this agreement is the arrangement of the travel service to meet the customers request of transport.

Travl XL next sends the customer an email confirming they have received the transport details for the transport service. Travl XL confirms they have recieved the customers request to travel, which is only a request – not a confirmation. The agreed transport between Travl XL and the customer comes into effect through a separate booking confirmation email from Travl XL.

4.2 User details validity

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all information that they, or someone else on their behalf, have provided to Travl XL is complete and accurate. Data entry using automated methods is prohibited. Travl XL are not liable, if any details provided by the customer are incorrect; it is the customers duty to ensure validity of booking details.

5.0 Transport service

A transfer service is requested via phone, email or using the booking platform on our website:
* https://www.travlxl.co.uk
* 01282 500 335
The customer must provide reliable and valid information when requested by the service provider, all details should be provided to complete the booking request. Any special requests other than extras should be mentioned at the time of booking in the additional comments section.

Booking requests are confirmed via:
* email – you will receive a booking confirmation with all the details supplied by email, enquiry or the booking platform. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all details are correct on the booking confirmation and if they haven’t received this within 24 hours to please contact the main office to confirm booking.
* phone – all details supplied via phone will be repeated to the customer to ensure they are correct and valid to confirm the transfer booking.

The customer can request a hard copy of the booking at any time – to be posted to they home/business address. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all details are correct in the booking confirmation; Travl XL are not liable if any details provided by customer are incorrect; it is the customers duty to ensure the booking details are valid.

The customer can cancel any booking request prior to booking confirmation by contacting the office via email or phone. Once the booking confirmation is received by the customer, it is deemed that you want to go ahead with the booking and agree to our published terms and conditions.

A booking service using the booking platform can only be made with a given notice of 3 hours, if a booking is required within that limit then please contact our office to check availability.

You must allow sufficient time when booking your transfer service to allow for the check-in times required by your airline and for any delays caused by traffic conditions. We shall not be responsible for any delay caused by your failure to allow enough time to reach your destination or if the passengers are not ready for collection at the booked time.

It is illegal to make a private booking with our drivers. Travl XL will not be liable for any situation faced by the passenger while travelling on a booking not confirmed with the office.

5.1 Transfer rides/hourly bookings

The customer can choose between transfer rides and hourly bookings for their transport. If the customer has further requirement they should contact the office direct to cater to these, additional costs may apply. Changes in your transport service is subject to the availability of service and vehicle by Travl XL.

If you choose to travel using the transfer service(A to B) the price quoted is only valid from the pick up address to the drop off address, Our booking platform does have the option to add a via, if the via stop off is pre arranged through the booking platform then the price is correct, otherwise extra charges may apply for any stop offs which aren’t already booked.

An hourly booking always starts at the pickup time confirmed upon booking. If the customer incurs any delays, Travl XL is not liable and will charge for extra time if the service is required for longer than the agreed time.

5.2 Fleet range of vehicles and models

The client can choose from our fleet range of different vehicles (e.g. “executive”, “saloon”, “estate or “MPV 6 and 8 Passenger”) for their transport request.
The vehicle images shown on the website are only illustrative examples. These images don’t represent you will get a particular vehicle or model for the booked vehicle category. If you have booked an executive you will get an executive but we can’t confirm which vehicle it may be from that range.

We are not allowed to transport more passengers than the legal licensed requirement per vehicle, if that is the case the passenger will be refused transport, booking charges will be applied in full.

You can upgrade your vehicle on your booking up until 3 hours before the arranged pick up date and time, subject to availability. If you do receive a higher range vehicle than you booked vehicle, not to worry it’s on the house.

5.3 Children and child seats

Please note that a child, no matter what age, counts as one passenger. Children are exempt from travelling in a child seat, baby seat or booster seat when travelling in a taxi (under the UK law), it is the parent’s responsibility if they want the children in a child seat or not, Travl XL are not responsible for any injury or loss caused due to the child not being fastened in a child seat.

The need for safety child seats for children should be booked by the customer at the time of booking by specifying the quantity and type of child seat required, according to the child age, to ensure they have the correct child seat. The parents are responsible to provide or book the right child seat for the safety of the child, Travl XL are not liable for wrong equipment being used or booked. We will store the child seats for the customer, awaiting for they return journey. Please note that the installation of the child seat must be carried out by you.

5.4 Number of passengers, cases and animals

The maximum number of passengers and pieces of luggage specified for a particular vehicle is an estimate based on factors such as size and weight of passengers and luggage. These are therefore not binding. Travl XL can refuse the transport of passengers or extra luggage if they believe they are compromising the space and the safety conditions. Ensure you book a vehicle to accommodate all the passengers travelling and the luggage.

The price given in the booking confirmation includes the number of pieces of luggage specified on the booking form. Excess luggage, bulky luggage, or the transportation of animals not stated as an additional comment upon booking could lead to extra charges.
Travl XL reserves the right to refuse the carriage of extra luggage and animals which were not agreed to. This also applies to animals which are not contained in a closed and suitable transport box or carrier.

Travl XL reserves the right to refuse carriage if requirements were not at all, or not correctly, communicated by the client as an additional extra or comment when making the booking for the transport service. If, due to this, carriage is not possible, this has no influence on the payment of Travl XL.

6.0 Delays caused by uncontrollable acts

Exceptional situations in the terms ‘Force Majeure’ such as:
* air-traffic controller strikes,
* extreme weather conditions,
* motor accidents causing traffic delays,
* restricted vehicle access and road works,
* ash clouds and other natural occurrences,
* vandalism or terrorism,
* delays caused by other bookings,
* extraordinary changes to flight status.
The list provided is just a brief example of the situations which could occur and are not limited to; they can only be compensated to a limited extent, meaning that longer waiting periods or last-minute cancellations must be accepted by the customer.

Travl XL will make every effort to provide the transfer service and the vehicles reach on time with minimum inconvenience but sometimes certain uncontrollable circumstances are beyond our control which could lead to last minute cancellation of the service.

Both parties, the customer and Travl XL will not be liable of any charges to one another despite the expenses that may incur due to the exceptional situations, nor will they be deemed in breach of the contract or booking agreement.

If the car breaks down during your journey, our company will endeavour to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as possible.

7.0 Extra wait times incurred by customer

Waiting time is applied at a flat rate:
* £20 base flat rate after 60 minutes of waiting has passed for airport transfers
* £36 a hour, £0.60 a minute for saloon and estate vehicles
* £42 a hour, £0.70 a minute for MPV vehicles
* £54 a hour, £0.90 a minute for executive vehicles

Waiting charges apply after:
* 20 minutes on a standard A to B transfer.
* 60 minutes on an international airport transfer.
* 30 minutes on a domestic airport transfer.

Transfer service waiting charges

Long wait periods outside an address at the time of pickup will incur further charges, the waiting tariffs differ according to the booking service type and type of vehicle. There is a 20 minutes free waiting policy on a standard (A-B) transfer from the agreed pickup time.

Each additional minute of waiting time will be calculated as a flat-rate, according to the hourly waiting charges as well as the vehicle category. For example you meet the driver after 30 minutes, you will be charged 10 * £0.60 which totals to £6 for a saloon vehicle, as the driver waiting 10 minutes over the free waiting period.

Airport transfer service waiting charges

For international airport transfer services, no surcharges are applied until 60 minutes of free waiting has passed then a base rate of £20 is applied plus any minutes surplus of 60 minutes, in the case of domestic airport transfer and train station there is a free waiting time of up to 30 minutes after the agreed pickup time, at which flight and train delays or earlier flights and trains lead to a deferral of the scheduled pickup time by the planned period of time between the planned arrival time and the original pickup time.

A basic airport transfer service one off wait charge for a saloon, estate and MPV would be £20 base rate plus the time charges added after the 60 minutes free waiting time has passed from the landing time. For example you meet the driver after 70 minutes from landing you will be charged – £20 + 10 * £0.60 which totals to £26 for a saloon vehicle.

Hourly booking waiting charges

There are no waiting charges on hourly bookings as the booking will increase and follow in to the next hour, hence the charges will automatically be applied when the booking time increases. For example a 1 hour booking lasting 70 minutes will automatically be charged for 1.5 hours as hourly bookings get round up to the half hour.

7.1 Cancellations

Transfer services cancellations

Transfer services cancellation are free of charge if there is more than one hour left before the agreed pickup time. If there is one hour or less before the agreed pickup time, the total price must be paid. The date and time will be noted for the purpose of proof if cancellation charges apply. A cancellation can only be done by contacting us by phone 01282 500 335 or via email [email protected].

Hourly bookings cancellations

For hourly bookings, cancellation are free of charge if there are more than 24 hours left before the agreed pickup time. If there are 24 hours or less before the agreed pickup time, the total price must be paid. The date and time will be noted for the purpose of proof if cancellation charges apply. A cancellation can only be done by contacting us by phone 01282 500 335 or via email [email protected].

7.2 Changes to bookings

Changes to both transfer and hourly bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance. You may want to change the date, time, vehicle or even addresses for pick up or drop off, any charges in service may incur a price change which will need to be agreed by the customer prior to receiving the updated booking confirmation. Excessive changes to a booking may incur service charges. Any changes to the booking under 24 hours from pick up time will be treated as a new booking therefore initial agreed booking charges apply. A compensation claim by Travl XL for the originally agreed transport service may be made accordingly.

If the customer has agreed on a later pickup time with the office or driver by phone then it’s an exception from the above terms. Possible surcharges for waiting time has to be payed. Generally, the passenger is not entitled to change the pickup time.

7.3 No show without cancellation

In the case of a no-show without cancellation, the customer loses their transport booking, Travl XL can make a compensation claim for the price of the originally agreed transport service.

Transfer services no show

A booking is considered a no-show if the customer, or passenger, has not shown up without cancellation within 30 minutes after the agreed pickup time at the agreed pickup. During this time every effort will be made to locate the customer by Travl XL, we encourage communication between the driver and customer aid them to locate each other. If a customer does not show up, the driver is authorised to leave, the transfer service must be paid for in full, waiting time surcharges do not apply.

Airport transfer no-show

For airport or train station pickups the booking is considered a no-show when the customer, or passenger, has not shown up without cancellation or contacted the office on 01282 500 335 within 60 minutes after the agreed pickup time at the agreed pickup location, at which flight and train delays or earlier flights and trains lead to a deferral of the scheduled pickup time by the planned period of time between the planned arrival time and the original pickup time. During this time every effort will be made to locate the customer by Travl XL, we encourage communication between the driver and customer aid them to locate each other. If a customer does not show up, the driver is authorised to leave, the booking must be paid for in full.

Hourly Bookings no-show

A hourly booking is considered a no-show if the customer, or passenger, has not shown up without cancellation after 60 mins from the booked agreed pickup time at the agreed pickup location. During this time every effort will be made to locate the customer by Travl XL, we encourage communication between the driver and customer aid them to locate each other. If a customer does not show up, the driver is authorised to leave, the transfer service must be paid for in full.

7.4 Customer can’t find the driver

No matter which service has been booked, if it’s an airport transfer or hourly booking, if you the customer can’t find your driver or the driver has not made contact then in first instance the customer should contact the office so we can resolve the issue. Any additional costs incurred by the customer will be the customers responsibility unless it’s been authorised by the Travl XL management in writing. If this procedure is not followed; Travl XL is not liable for any accusation or charge.

8.0 Behaviour in the vehicle

The lead passenger is responsible for the behaviour of all passengers travelling.

The following behavioral standards apply to the customer when traveling with Travl XL:
During the entire journey, all passengers must follow the regulations which apply to the relevant Road Traffic Act, especially the seatbelt regulations. Any instructions given by the driver must be followed. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure a safe ride. It is therefore prohibited for passengers to open the doors while driving, throw any objects from the vehicle, or stick body parts out the vehicle or shout from the vehicle. If the client wishes to use any of the devices or facilities in the vehicle, a brief instruction is required from the driver.

8.1 Smoking in the vehicle

Smoking is prohibited in the vehicle. If the customer, or passenger, ignores this, they are liable to pay the cost for the cleaning of the vehicle.

8.2 Food, alcohol and drug consumption in vehicle

The consumption of food, alcoholic drinks and drugs are not allowed in the vehicle. Travl XL reserves the right to refuse transport to anyone under the influence as there may be safety concerns where they cause self harm, harm to other passengers or damage to the vehicle.

8.3 Vehicle soiling and soiling charges

If the vehicle is soiled by the passengers in any way, they may be invoiced up to £80 for saloon and estate vehicles, up to £100 for MPV and executive vehicles. Soiling could be caused by being sick or causing spillages without driver awareness as eating and drinking is not permitted in the vehicles. The customer may be liable for loss of earnings as it’s causing the vehicle to be off the road until the issue is rectified.

9.0 Sub-contracting

At times our company may use sub contractors/partner company to cover a journey dependant on our booking demand and vehicles booked, but not to worry when they cover for Travl XL, they work on the terms and honour all prices and service.

Travl XL makes every effort to supply high quality vehicles according to vehicle type booked. However, should such vehicles not be available, Travl XL reserve the right to provide a similar alternative vehicle. This hire shall be known as a sub-contract or sub-hire.

10.0 Time and flight tracking

Our company will track all incoming flights, to ensure our driver reaches you at your specified time. Whilst we do our best to ensure our drivers are punctual and arrive on time, you will understand that we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.

Our company shall use all reasonable endeavours to get you to your destination on time, but shall not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic conditions beyond our control – on the journey.

If the driver is stuck in traffic or for any other reasons cannot reach in time at the point of collection, we will try to provide you with a car from one of our partners.

11.0 Pricing principles

The pricing is published using our online web taxi transfer booking platform and can also be found out via phone, email and other communication methods. Travl XL reserves the right to change pricing structure at any time without notifying the customer. The only exception is if both parties Travl XL and it’s customer have agreed on a pricing structure between them, this mainly occurs with large volume account customers.

Any transfer which is already booked before the change to the pricing structure will be honoured at the agreed price, that’s a Travl XL promise, we will take on the extra charges that may incur.

Prices obtained via our booking platform will be deemed as an estimate until the booking is confirmed in writing. Any transfer or booking which is outside the operating area of Travl XL will be deemed as an estimate until we can confirm and update the correct price in writing via our communication methods.

11.1 Special day prices (bank holidays)

Special days such as bank holidays and christmas may incur special rates, contact our office on 01282 500 335 to confirm the prices on these days. If you have already booked a journey on a special day with an estimated price you may be liable for the extra cost.

11.2 Promotions

Special promotions will run in line with the company website terms and conditions unless stated otherwise. If the customer thinks the promotion terms contradict with the company website terms then they should clarify before booking or before the transport service has been completed. Travl XL management has the right to decide which term has precedence over the other if this does occur.

12.0 Compensation and payment principles

Key factors of the compensation claim for Travl XL services (including reimbursement of expenses to Travl XL for the arranged transportation service) are:
* the chosen vehicle class from the fleet range,
* the distance,
* how far in advance the ride is booked,
* the pickup time,
* pick up location.
Additionally booked special requests, e.g. individual vehicle labeling, additional stops, bulky luggage, car seats for children, etc. may cause the price to increase.

12.1 Booking vehicle changes

Even after the conclusion of the arranged transport service agreement and even after the start of the booking, provided it is possible for the Travl XL, the User (and the passenger) can make changes to the booking.

If a booking is spontaneously lengthened (distance or number of hours) according to the wish of the customer, or passenger, the actual service (total distance or number of hours) will be newly calculated and priced according to the current price structure. In the case of hourly bookings, each additional 30-minute block is considered for invoicing, i.e. from the first additional minute, a half hour will be rounded up to ensure more reliable planning.

The compensation claim increases for the customer, due to Travl XL’s expenses for the booking due to the customers demands. If the distance or number of hours are less than originally booked, the price remains unaffected.

13.0 Terms of payment

The customer can pay for their booking by all major credit and debit cards. Incidental credit card charges are carried by Travl XL. Any transaction fees when making payments via bank transfer (e.g. due to different currencies or different local accounts) are carried by the customer.

The customer can make payments via cheque as long as the payments clear before the booking date.

Cash payments can be made on the day to the driver on the booking day at time of pick up. The driver is liable to ask for the payment upfront, if the customer refuses to pay upfront they will be refused travel.

BACS payments can be made direct in to the company bank account, it is best to do this prior to pick up as some banks can take longer to transfer. The payments should be cleared and in the bank account prior to pick up.

Business and executive account work will receive an invoiced account which payment terms of up to a maximum of 30 net days monthly. Any other type of account or payment method/terms will be negotiated at the time of account set up, direct between both the customer and Travl XL.

13.1 Unpaid invoices

For each payment reminder, Travl XL may charge an appropriate penalty fine.

For unpaid credit card debts, Travl XL charges the customer for the incurred expenses (bank, credit card company) and reserves the right to assert an appropriate handling fee per incident.

13.2 Sending of invoices and payment dates

Travl XL provides the customer with the respective invoice electronically via email. When paying by credit card, payment is due immediately. When paying by bank transfer, the payment date referred to in the invoice must be kept.

13.3 Vouchers

Vouchers are only redeemable individually and cannot be combined with other vouchers. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

14.0 Liability principles

The contractual agreement between the customer and
Travl XL commences from the point all passengers are seated and all doors are closed and terminates once all passengers have exited the vehicle and all doors are closed, during the contractual agreement and booking transfer service the vehicle is covered with the correct motor insurance.

14.1 Passenger assistance

Passengers who require assistance should be aware that the drivers don’t have public liability insurance, hence do so at they own risk, this is not a legal requirement. It is the customers responsibility to ensure to ensure the driver is not putting them or they property at risk of injury or damage outside the contractual agreement.

We accept no liability for any theft or damage caused to the passengers personal property, when loading or unloading from the vehicle or at any point of the journey; our insurance policy does not cover passenger property. It is the customers responsibility to ensure everything is packed, stored and secured properly so it is not damaged in transit. It is the customers responsibility to refuse help from the driver, if they believe they are at risk of injury or they property is in risk of being damaged. Nor the driver or Travl XL will be liable for any damage caused, it is the customers responsibility to refuse help.

Travl XL will comply with the data protection act 1988 at all times, it is the customers responsibility to receive the driver details if a dispute arises, we will only provide vehicle details if we think the dispute will progress further and be liable to claim against the vehicle insurance policy. We will not get involved if we know the contractual agreement has terminated.

Drivers are not permitted to enter the customer dwelling, even if they are asked they will refuse to do so. They are required to help with luggage and shopping to the outside entrance of the property, no further.

14.2 Dispute

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with English Law. The customer and the service provider agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in respect of any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this agreement. No condition in this agreement will affect the customers or the service provider’s statutory rights.  The service provider has a complaints procedure that is compliant to ISO 9001. It is in the interest of the service provider and the customer to exhaust this procedure to a satisfactory conclusion if a dispute arises between both parties.  

14.3 Lost property

Any lost property found in a vehicle will be passed to the local Police Station by the end of the drivers shift. If the customer claims he has left property in a vehicle but the Travl XL is subsequently unable to locate the property, the service provider accepts no responsibility for the missing property or its replacement. 

14.4 Contents of the booking platform

Travl XL is not liable for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the programs which are distributed under the booking platform, nor for any damage arising from there, except to the extent that such damages are caused intentionally or by gross negligence by Travl XL.

This applies to all kinds of damage, especially damage caused by errors, delays or interruptions in the transmission, or problems with technical equipment and service, incorrect content, omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way due to the use of this online offer. Furthermore, Travl XL is not liable for the availability and efficiency of the features offered.

14.5 Third party websites

Travl XL accepts no responsibility for the content, accuracy, legality and functionality of third-party websites which are referred to through links. Accessing these pages through hyperlinks is done at the risk of the customer.

14.6 Accuracy of transmitted information, disruption of access

Travl XL accepts no responsibility for ensuring that the information provided is accurate and complete nor that it reaches the customer. This does not apply to content in the booking confirmation.
Travl XL is not liable for disruptions to the quality of access to the booking platform due to excess force or due to events which Travl XL is not responsible for, in particular the failure of communication networks or gateways. Travl XL makes no guarantee that the website will function uninterrupted or error free, nor that any errors will be corrected.

14.7 Release of liability by the user

The customer releases Travl XL of all claims and expenses, including appropriate attorneys fees, levied against Travl XL by a third party for any use of the booking platform by the customer which violates the contract or is a breach of these Terms.

14.8 Changes to the booking platform

Travl XL reserves the right to make changes to the booking platform at any time, in a way that is appropriate to the customer, so as to further develop and improve their quality. In addition, Travl XL reserves the right to, with good cause, temporarily or permanently discontinue its service through the booking platform, even without the customer being informed.

14.9 Insurance

Travl XL is insured for passenger travel, with the correct vehicle insurance required. However, it does not constitute travel or baggage insurance.

14.10 Vehicle licenses

All vehicles comply with licenses with the local authority to provide transport as a service, as a public hire vehicle. They all have a public hire specialised MOT every 6 months to ensure they are safe to be on the road.

14.11 Driver licenses

All drivers at Travl XL comply with certain standards, they have a full driving license, private hire license and an online updated enhanced CRB check which is monitored yearly by the licensing authority.

15.0 Complaints

We take all complaints very seriously and investigate every complaint thoroughly. Please email or call us quoting your booking reference number and as much information as possible regarding your complaint so we can deal with it quickly.

Phone – 01282 500 335
Email – [email protected]
Post – 99 Beaufort street, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 0RE

**Please note that some calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes.**

**Please note all emails are stored for for monitoring purposes.**

**Travl XL Limited trading as Travl XL – Licensed to operate ID number PHO0003 – Licensed by Pendle Borough Council**


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