Choose your transfer firm according to stats, not price

Transfer firms are set up in numbers up and down the country, at times you might find 10 in huge chest search, but the real question is who should you choose and why should you use them. It’s the same way you would choose to fly on certain airlines than others.

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The main thing is, what should you look out for when booking a Transfer, it may be an airport transfer or to the city for your next shopping spree or maybe to the other side of the country to visit or a break away.

When booking a transfer, price shouldn’t be an issue, obviously not extortionate but reasonable, as you may find the underpriced ones will be cutting corners or novice in the trade despite running for many years.

You as a customer and a service user need to know what you want as a service and a list of requirements and budget in mind. You may want to travel executive with extra luggage hence it having to be a certain vehicle tailored to you and your journey.

Service is a big highlight in this criteria as transfer firms are service providers, so how they deliver that service is a major aspect. Which could just be the care and courtesy delivered by the company or the brand new fleet to ensure comfort of travel. For most people the question would be – What do they do to go above and beyond or what they do different to choose them over the competition.

Firstly, check the company licensing and registration to make sure they are licensed for public hire/private hire transport. It is important the company is registered and licensed incase of any unforeseen circumstances occur, you will know your safe and covered. Every business has a licensing body, big or small; by being signed up to the correct ones it ensures they meet the criteria’s and are safe to use.

Check the business profiles through google and social media platforms, to see the information and images they display meets your expectations and criteria. Some companies may be set up but all the running platform including the cars might be outdated. Hence, it always helps to do a quick background check on the companies. Be well aware some can over advertise above they means and may not be able to deliver what they profile may offer.

Check reviews, I can’t enforce this enough! Check the reviews on trusted sites. 9/10 companies will be true to the reviews left by customers and clients. Reviews are left when customers want to give feedback on they good and bad experiences.